High Top Tables Offer Utility and Flare

In the past, high top tables usually only appeared during cocktail events and other parties.  But with recent evolution in interior design, homes, offices, and other commercial spaces now make use of this type of table for many purposes.  One significant reason for this preference is that tables that are much higher than usual can create a unique, functional and modern appeal to any establishment or home, indoors or out.

High Top Tables: What Are They?

Round High Top TableThis kind of table, which may also be called a bar table or counter height table, is higher than its traditional counterparts.  Standard height tables are usually about 28-30 inches tall, where high tops are typically between 36-40 inches high.  It is fairly typical that you  find these types of tables in bars and restaurants.

Frequently, high tables do not necessarily have chairs, especially when they are used for cocktail parties.  In homes, however, one fun thing about having a high top table is the fact that you can get sets with chairs or stools that match the tables, or have exciting designs of their own.

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The Best Things About Counter Height Tables

One common thing about many of these counter height tables is that the table tops are often not as spacious as ordinary tables.   Well, such design and engineering has a purpose. There are restaurants and bars that use these tables because they encourage people to huddle together or get closer to talk.  So if you are on a special date or night out with someone, both of you will surely be enticed to start a conversation.

In kitchens, high tables are extremely useful for houses that do not have islands or counters in the center of the kitchen, where all the cooking preparation can be done or where family members can do some light snacking. This kind of table is not only good for the kitchen, it is also good for any place in the house.  The new modern designs feature larger table tops that can accommodate 4 people, so they can be used in dining rooms too.

Another advantage of high top tables is the health benefit of standing instead of sitting.  Many of us spend many hours in the day sitting at our desk at work or at home in front of a computer or tv.  This really takes its toll on our back, neck, and shoulders.  In contrast, standing is better for overall posture, increases energy and stamina, and even helps lose weight due to increased metabolic rate.  For these same reasons that the adjustable height desk and stand up workstation are becoming more and more mainstream in businesses and in home offices, high top tables are also increasing in popularity both in commercial and residential use.

Types of High Tables: Their Features and Benefits

  • High Top Bar Tables – The most obvious feature of a high top bar table is its elongated foundation. The most common design is a small circular table being held together by a single pillar or pole, usually made of any kind of steel. The base keeps the table from toppling over.   This is very popular in bars, as well banquets or events that would usually involve people moving around and mingling with each other. The greatest benefits of using high top bar tables include making the room more spacious without having to put chairs, and provide a modern look to any event.
  • High Top Patio Tables – You can find a wider variety of creative designs with high top patio tables compared to high top bar tables. This may be because these are used in homes with the goal of projecting a stylish, yet cozy feel. These tables can be made from different materials, including glass, wood, steel, wicker, or plastic. The shape of the table top may also be circular, oval, rectangular or square.

There are of course many uses to outdoor high top tables in general.  However, the most significant benefit homeowners can get from getting this type of patio furniture is the unique style it can add to this part of your home. Once there is nice furniture just outside your door, you and your family will love to spend time there.  In fact, by having a nice patio table, you can have the liberty to also add in new chairs or stools that will perfectly match your table.Wood Square High Top Table Set

  • High Top Dining Tables – Give your dining area a new twist by doing away from traditional types of furniture. High top dining tables can either sit 2-4 people or if your family is big, you can choose to get high top table sets that can occupy more than 5 people. These also come in different shapes and different materials.

If you want the whole family to be closer and feel elevated, a high top dining table with chairs to match will definitely make the dining area and the dining experience more exciting.

There are many high top table sets to choose from. You just have to decide in what area of the office, the house or even a function room you would like to put them. The creative and unique characteristics of a high top table are truly manifested wherever they are placed.